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At times you may get confused as to What you can blog about. (Bookmark this post for reference whenever you cannot decide on Topic to blog about with these Awesome Blog Post Ideas)

While this list contains all the topics in General. What I would suggest is to be Creative when crafting a post surrounding your Niche.

News Curation: Curate News about your Niche and make it a blog post around it. Tip. You can refer news.google.com and input keywords about your niche

Weekly News: Compile a Blog post of all the posts that you’ve posted the last week and do a weekly round up of the same.

Review something: For some reason, people love reviewing posts. Review a book/ product around your specific subject of your blog.

Comparison Post: Compare two or more products and put up a post on the same.

Mention some Changes in your Industry: Mentioning Industry changes can also be a good topic of your blog.

Case study post:  Case studies often contain In-depth knowledge of a particular subject. Interview an Influencer – Interview someone in your Niche who can be an Influencer or a Newcomer in your industry.

Answer Questions:  Research on Quora and other areas where you can answer people’s questions. Draft a blog post around it and Boom.

Answer a Big Problem:  When referring news try to answer a big problem around your subject.

Beginners and Advanced Guides: Create a long post of a Beginner guide and then create an Advanced Post around the same.

How to Start (on anything post)

Common Hurdles: Put up a post on avoiding common hurdles in life

Infographics: Great to see Infographics adds Visual look & element to your blog.

Humor Posts:  Fun to read, keeping readings engaged. Try to come up with some Humor elements around your posts

Quotes: Try to put up a post of around 101 quotes in your Niche / Business / Topic. Put up a complete post on it. Readers would love to read it.

List Posts: Readers love this and often find useful and above all liked by Google too.

Free Resources: Everyone loves free resources. Put up a compiled list of all resources that you can show people to use.

Curated Post: Provide a list of top articles or blog posts in your industry or on a particular topic.

Get people to Blog: Guest Posting is a fun thing to do.

Ideas Formation: Put up a Ideas formation list around your niche for e.g, if you’re in Travel Niche (put up a post – How to save money while traveling Ideas)

Trending Topics: Put up a post on what’s happening or trending currently in your Industry.

Annual Post: Just a Review of all posts in a Year. Put up a Review post of a Year.

Research Posts: Show some Intelligence by putting up Research Posts

Advice Posts: Small pieces of advice always do a great work.

Future Changes: What can happen in future, if you can put up a post that would be great.

When you’re done with the Idea of Forming a Post you’ll need to craft Creative Titles Do read What are some ways to generate Creative Blog Topics once you’re ready.


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