6 Tips to Choose your domain name Wisely3 min read

Choose Domain name Wisely and Avoid yourself a Lot of Hassle


There are many examples of famous bloggers and website owners, not selecting the correct domain name in the beginning. They usually repent later for not selecting right at the first stage.

How to Choose your Domain Name

Basically, Choice of Domain name is very crucial for success. Choose it wrong for now and you’ve to hassle a lot later. I’ve shared some tips to select it right at the first time.

Avoid these mistakes and make your blogging life better.


1. (.com) is better

People all over the world have a habit of typing just a domain and pressing ctrl + enter to visit a website. However there are any domains available like .pizza, .blog, .org and so on.

Choosing .com and you get the most memorable types. While other domains extensions are good too, there are examples where people have ditched .com completely, however sticking with .comand you avoid the risk of not being mistaken for some other identity.

Also, lot many Smart Phones have a (.com) button too.

2. It should be Brandable and easy to type

Try to keep Brandable domain instead of a Generic domain. Apple, Microsoft are all brands. YourStory, Gizmodo, are all brands. They are Unique and very easy to remember.

3. Short Length

The shorter the length the easy it is to tell to other about your domain. Choose the words carefully and try to keep it short.

4. Use keywords

Keywords play an important role when selecting a domain. Look at my example (bloggersgig) – Here blogger is a keyword. It tells Search Engine that this is related to bloggers.

It is not so easy to find the exact match domain for your business or blog. But try to do to workaround and you’ll land up with some good name.

5. Not two LLeters (pronounce)

If you put two letters – just see it will create lots of confusion in the mind of the person who visits your blog. It may be mistaken as a one letter world and the Visitor may land up to some another blog.

6. Avoid using Numbers or Hyphens

Basically, you have to avoid all the numbers and hyphens because just image if a person has to type it in the web browser, it will be very difficult.

Also if you tell it to someone over the phone, it will be difficult to pronounce it too.

7. Try to focus on Huge Topic

There are topics and there are sub-topics. For e.g, Health is a Topic/Niche. Paleo diet is sub-topic of Health Niche. In that case, if you select domain related to PALEO DIET it will be good. But then in future, if you have to write on some other health related topic it will be lots of hassle for you.

While the above PALEO DIET example may be good for Micro Niche blog, you may want to consider registering something like TotalHealthTips (which can cover all topics on Health).

Best places to Register

If you’re starting a new blog or website, it’s always good to take advantage of getting a free domain name. However, keep in mind most free domains are free for first year only.

With the Following Web-Hosting providers you can get your free domain –

BlueHost – It’s one of the trust worthy and has reasonable prices for beginners.

SiteGround – One of the popular services too and reliable. They (like Bluehost) also have a Dedicated WordPress Installation service with their Domain + Hosting service.

Register your domain name with one of the reputed domain registrars.

Godaddy – This name needs no Introduction, It’s very easy to book domain from Godaddy. They also have Domain buying & selling services.

Namecheap – another popular service that registers domains and they also have good deals on domains.


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