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Content Marketers and Digital Marketers use certain Industry terms, jargons, and acronyms. Laminate, Print, Bookmark this list of Complete terms used by Marketers & Bloggers.

I’ll try and keep updating this page frequently. SO I would request you to bookmark this page and visit later.

Blogging Glossary


Affiliate Marketer: A person who does Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing: This is one way bloggers can monetize their site by using links from the merchant site and often by Affiliate networks. When users click on this link the Affiliate marketer gets a percentage of it.

Algorithm: The formula that determines how one of your blog’s pages or posts ranks within a search engine’s search results.

Avatar: The graphical representation of yourself on a website. This is the image which is shown when you type your email address in comments section and sometimes on Author Box too.


Backlinks: Links that point from one website to another.

Banner: A Banner often refers to blog header. It sometimes also called banner AD

Blogger: A person who owns a blog. There is a blogging platform by the name “Blogger”. You can access it at

Bookmark: Something that you add to bookmarks for viewing that page for later reading or reference.

Browser: Browser is what you’re viewing this page now. All pages and sometimes (.pdfs) can too open up in browser. List of popular browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari (Apple).


CMS: Content Management System
There are many CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. They will help you in publishing and organizing your data in a systematical way.

Call to Action: call to action is a button or a link through which it enables users to action on that particular piece of information. for e.g, register or purchase or signup for a trial.

Cloak Links: This refers to feature in Affiliate links where you cloak your links so it doesn’t look cluttered in address bar below.

Cooke: These are small files that get’s stored in your computer’s when you try to purchase or buy something so that websites can understand your browsing pattern.


Domain Name: ( is a domain name. A string of letters, numbers that you type in your browser to visit a particular website.


E-Book: A PDF usually given by bloggers free of cost or in return of money (Authority) to help you in gaining knowledge on very important subject.

Embed: To place content from another website within your own blog’s post or page. As in when you embed a YOUTUBE video.

Facebook: A Social Networking GIANT.

Gravatar: A global avatar. It uses an image associated with your email address to show the avatar image whenever you leave a comment.

Guest Blogging: To write a blog post or manage a blog anonymously or under a different name.

Hashtag: A method of tagging a post within networks such as Twitter or Instagram so that viewers can see all related updates or images by other users.

Indexed: Google Index webpages that are shown up in your SERP.

IP address: A unique string of numbers that identifies every computer that’s connected to the internet.

Keywords: When people search on google they enter a set of strings that are called as keywords.

Landing pages: There are many types of pages – Home page, Post page, Pages(s), and then there are landing pages.

They are something that user clicks and lands on to a particular offer or Discount offer and is prompted to take action. It can be a Homepage or different from Homepage

Link Bait: This a website content which is often made/created/crafted with the aim of getting more and more Inbound links.

Micro Niche: There is a Niche and there is a Subset of Niche. For e.g, Sports is a Niche – Football is a Subset of Sports Niche.

Niche: A specific topic (bloggersgig topic is blogging) is a Niche. Blogging these days in 2017 has become focused on a Particular Niche.

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